Sitting on the bank

watching the river flow

when I turn to look again

not only have my perceptions changed

but so has the river

In this world of constant transformation

how can I possibly tell you who I am

the best I can ever hope to do

is tell you who I was...





Pancho and Beatrix bring a wide variety of influences to their undertakings. Since they began collaborating in 1982, they have combined their diverse backgrounds to reflect a unique synthesis of contrasting styles. Originally brought together by a chance encounter under the pale moonlight on a romantic tropical island in the South China Sea, Pancho and Beatrix have since lived most of their adult lives in various exotic locations around the globe. Their wide ranging travels have provided them a wealth of eclectic influences which is readily reflected in their work.  

As Spiritual Teachers:


Early in their adult lives they both developed a strong fascination with the mystical traditions of the many countries which they visited. Since they first united in 1982, they have been daily practicers of both yoga and meditation. Their interest in and dedication to matters of the spirit has been an enduring part of their lives. Having studied under various teachers in the related fields of yoga, meditation, tai chi, astrology, and reiki, they eventually founded the Nong Khai Alternative Center in Nong Khai, Thailand. Since 1994 the Alternative Center has been their winter home and a venue for the instruction and practice of various techniques relating to the furtherance of human evolution.

    As Artists:  
  Pancho began his career as an artist while a university student in his native California. His studies in the related fields of music and theater, as well as art, give him a broad understanding of the creative process. Early involvement in the emerging experimental/improvisational theater scene of mid 1970’s California account for a certain spontaneity in later endeavors. During this time he was also a founding member and the lead singer/guitar player of the popular band Great Northern. His fine-arts education was augmented by the study of various craft techniques as well as the mastery of tools and their relative uses. Raised in rural California, his early rustic upbringing along with his continuing experiments with “natural lifestyles” have inspired a deep reverence for the earth and profound respect for the natural environment which in turn have heavily influenced his later artistic creations in terms of both form and material composition.  
  Beatrix hails from the picturesque Northern Italian Alps. Her upbringing in the quaint city of Bolzano, at the the meeting point of the Italian and Germanic civilizations gives her a unique cultural perspective. Equally fluent in both the Italian and German languages, her understanding of the world and it’s people has reflected this geographical as well as intellectual balance of influence. While pursuing her art studies at Saltzburg University in Austria, she began to further widen her experience through a series of travels throughout Europe and Asia. Her interest in the art and spiritual traditions of Asia continued to draw her back to the region and provided the backdrop for her earliest experiments in the realm of art-photography. During this formative period she also began what has become a lifelong fascination with the use of mixed-media collage techniques to fuse different disparate elements into a synthesized interconnected whole.  
  Since combining their efforts as co-collaborators in the early 1980’s, Pancho and Beatrix have worked with a wide variety of mediums and materials. Wood, metal, glass, plastic, natural fiber, stone, paper, rattan, and rubber have provided the material substance for their broadly varied works in the fields of art jewelry, interior design, furniture, fashion and textile design, as well as the fine art creations for which they are widely known. Stylistically, their long involvement with yoga, meditation, astrology, and the healing arts has been the wellspring for art that is extremely spiritual in character. Mysticism and the esoteric symbolism of world culture feature as predominate influences in their work.  
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