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The human organism is a well organized amalgamation of different energetic fields. These fields of vibration are gradated, stepping up in level of frequency from the gross to the subtle. The physical body--which represents the grossest level--is but one of these. The human auric field is another. Except for the physical body, most of these energetic levels exist above and beyond our ability to perceive them with the senses. Each of these different levels has it's own separate functionality but is linked to and interdependent on each of the others. Dysfunction in the form of energetic imbalance and vibrational dissonance in any one of these fields has a far reaching negative influence on the whole combined system. These imbalances emerge as the myriad symptomatic physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional problems which plague our lives. Energy healers use a wide variety of techniques to channel subtle universal energies from the cosmos as a way of restoring balance and harmony to each of the disparate energetic levels. This can facilitate a wide variety of healing effects as the system reorganizes itself towards a state of increased harmony. Beatrix uses a wide variety of modalities--healing techniques--which vary according to the different requirements of each patient. Rather than "healing" the patient, she uses her expertise to awaken the 'inner healer' inherent in each of us. By arousing our natural self-healing abilities, this stimulates the restoration of physical health, balance, joy, insight, and love and allows us to reawaken to our highest potential of wholeness.

Recent advances in human consciousness have given us access to even more subtle bandwidths of healing vibration than have, historically, been employed. Manifesting in the form of a new spectrum of light and information, use of these powerful energies compliments existing healing modalities and increases our potential to reconnect with our own essence and, thus, to the fullness of the universe.

Energy healing by Beatrix Schilcher can be arranged by appointment. While many clients prefer 'in person' sessions, these techniques are equally effective when conducted at a distance.

One hour sessions cost 800 Thai Baht for an 'in person' treatment here in Nong Khai. Remote healing to anywhere in the world costs $30.00 US for the same one hour session.

Location...The Nong Khai Alternative Center is located in the quaint town of Nong Khai, Thailand. Situated on the Mekong River 11 hours by train due north of Bangkok, Nong Khai is easily accessible by either bus, train (from Bangkok, there are several trains a day directly to Nong Khai...second class sleeper on one of the night trains is especially recommended) or air (Thai Airways has several flights a day to Udornthani and provides limousine service right to our doorstep in Nong Khai). Nong Khai is also 20 kilometers from Vientien, Laos. Once in Nong Khai we are easy to find...just ask for the Mut Mee Guest House. Most students stay at one of the nearby guest houses (we are located right next door to the beautiful Mut Mee Guest House). A wide variety of wholesome food (both Asian and western, vegetarian and non-vegetarian) is available in the neighborhood.

Beatrix Schilcher has been involved in the healing arts since the early 1980's. A long time yoga teacher and astrologer, she employs a wide variety of modalities in her healing work. She is one of the founders of the Nong Khai Alternative Center and has lived in Nong Khai since the late 1980's.

*Beatrix, in conjunction with her longtime collaborator Suzy Fraser, is now offering free Monthly Energy Healing Sessions. These are group healings and are conducted at a distance. The energetic frequencies that are utilized cover a broad spectrum of light and information. Rather than being directed at specific problematic areas, this energy has an intelligence of its own and will always go to where it is most needed.

While it would be better during this type of remote healing that the recipient set aside quiet time to consciously participate in the session, it is not a prerequisite condition. This type of remote healing works even without the conscious participation of the beneficiary. The simple intent of the healers is enough.

Please sign up by providing your name and location at: should be received by the evening (Thai time) of the day prior to the healing...

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