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"Circle of Cycles" (sold)

"Flower of life (blue)" (sold)

"Sacred Space"

"Heaven and Earth" (sold)

"Praying for Peace"


"Egyptian Mystery" (sold)


"Flower of Life (green)" (sold)


"I Ching (8 Elements)" (sold)


"The Unity of Diverrsity" (sold)(



"Tale From Ancient Egypt" (sold)

"Conclave of the Forest Buddhas" (sold)

"Full Lotus" (sold)

"Sacred Geometry" (sold)

"Sahasara" (sold)

"Shri Yantra" (sold)


"Sunset Buddhas"


"The Peacock's Ascension" (sold)

"Homage to Ra" (sold)

"Seven Circles" (sold)

"Spiral Gallaxy" (sold)

"Flower of life (orange)" (sold)

"Language of the Gods"

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