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Cancers are rampant. Heart attacks are commonplace. Everyone knows someone with diabetes. Auto-immune diagnoses are skyrocketing. Obesity levels are off the charts. Neurological issues are increasing at alarming rates. Even those of us who don't have such obvious life threatening complaints suffer from hidden health impediments which subtly inhibit the free flow of a healthy, happy life. Why is this? Is this just inevitable? What's going on here?

The current medical paradigm is failing. Never before in history has so much attention and so many resources been directed at a problem with so little tangible result. We go to the doctor, diligently follow advice, ingest expensive pharmaceutical products, submit ourselves to invasive surgical procedures, only to find that we are still unwell, maybe even sicker than when we started. The leading cause of death in the United States is now 'iatrogenic death'. 'Iatrogenic death' is death by medical treatment. What? If all of this is really true, the obvious question becomes: is there something that we can do that actually works? Are there alternatives to conventional medicine? Are they effective? The answer is: Yes.

Many, if not all, common ailments are the product of improper lifestyles. We develop habits which take us out of alignment with the universe around us. We gradually, by degrees, loose touch with the natural rhythms of nature. Mental and physical stresses mount. Our bodies and minds begin to take on the character of the toxic world around us. As a result, our bodies loose their natural resilience. The inherent healing capacity of the human physiology diminishes and we gradually sink into states of chronic decrepitude, the result of which is most of the myriad of common physical complaints that we see in the world around us.

In contrast to modern allopathic medicine, natural solutions to our modern health problems are oftentimes deceptively simple, low-tech, and mostly revolve around restoring the body's natural ability to heal itself. One of the 'dirty little secrets' of medicine is that doctors, healthcare practitioners, or even natural healers can not and do not heal us. Either the body heals itself or it doesn't. The only thing that a 'healer' can really do is to help remove any obstacles to healing and health and try to ensure that the body has a maximised chance to rebalance and restore itself. Because of its emphasis on allowing the body to avail itself of its own natural healing capacity, this is where natural and alternative medicine can be of tremendous value.

Pancho combines a lifetime of study and research, with years of actual practice of natural health strategies. Drawing from a myriad of modalities he can help you design a comprehensive step by step plan to bring yourself back into balance and allow your body to heal itself. An appointment typically will last approximately an hour and will include detailed explanations of the genesis of relevant physiological problems followed by concrete recommendations in regards to a specific, personalised plan of action to bolster the body's healing capacity. Come prepared to learn about yourself!

In Nong Khai: 60 minute session / 1,700 Baht

International (via Skype): 60 minute session / $100 (US)

*for consultations via Skype please e-mail for an appointment. Once the appointment is fixed you will receive, via e-mail, a questionaire regarding symptoms, prior treatments, etc.


About Us...

Location...The Nong Khai Alternative Center is located in the quaint town of Nong Khai, Thailand. Situated on the Mekong River 11 hours by train due north of Bangkok, Nong Khai is easily accessible by either bus, train (from Bangkok, there are several trains a day directly to Nong Khai...second class sleeper on one of the night trains is especially recommended) or air (there are several flights a day to Udornthani and from the airport there is a limousine service right to our doorstep in Nong Khai). Nong Khai is also 20 kilometers from Vientien, Laos. Once in Nong Khai we are easy to find...just ask for the Mut Mee Guest House. Most students stay at one of the nearby guest houses (we are located right next door to the beautiful Mut Mee Guest House). A wide variety of wholesome food (both Asian and western, vegetarian and non-vegetarian) is available in the neighborhood.

Pancho & Beatrix have been involved in the art and science of spiritual evolution since the very early 1980's. With years of dedicated practical experience, they employ a wide variety of modalities in their teaching method. Together, they are the founders of the Nong Khai Alternative Center and have lived and taught in Nong Khai, Thailand since the late 1980's.

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